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Additional Classes

Princeton Ballet School’s exciting additional classes include contemporary, jazz, flamenco, character, and children’s tap.


Class Schedule

Children’s Tap

In this Children’s Tap class, students will be introduced to the foundational steps of tap dance with an age appropriate method of instruction. This class will focus on learning musicality, coordination, focus and balance while exploring elements of improvisation and expression. 

Dress Code: Comfortable dance clothes of your choice and tap and ballet shoes.


In this flamenco class the students will incorporates the intense passion found within the music, and culture of Spain, and merges it with dance creating the beauty of what is Flamenco dance.They will use exaggerated arm movements, accents, footwork, hand movements, and head placements to complement the instrumentals and canto (song). They will also integrate playing castanets to add to the music and overall movement.  

Dress Code: Ballet Princeton Ballet School uniform, Flamenco or character skirt, Character shoes and Castanets


Contemporary will blend various techniques such as ballet, modern, and jazz. Dancers will focus on floorwork, moving through opposing movements such as: push/pull, contract/release, fall/recovery, and improvisation tasks. 

Dress Code: Ballet Princeton Ballet School uniform with open toe tights.


Ballet Princeton Ballet School, Character skirt and Character Shoes.