Meet the Dancers


Shaye Firer

Shaye Firer was born in Cape Town, South Africa, and raised in Vancouver, Canada. She received her early training at […]

Annie Johnson

Annie Johnson began her early training at Ballet Technique, under the direction of Julie Caprio, in Hamilton, NJ.  She then […]

Andrea Marini

Andrea Marini started his professional training at the Rome Opera House Dance School in 2014, where he graduated in July […]

Aldeir Monteiro

Aldeir Monteiro began his training at the Centro de Arte e Dança de Campo Grande in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, […]

Erikka Reenstierna-Cates

A California native, Erikka Reenstierna-Cates received her training under Leslie Ann Larson and Rene Daveluy. Before joining American Repertory Ballet […]

Matanya Solomon

Matanya Solomon was born in Alexandria VA and began his dance training in West Virginia at 14.  At 15 he […]

Ryoko Tanaka

Ryoko Tanaka was born and raised in Wakayama Japan, where she began her training. In 2013, she was selected to […]

Nanako Yamamoto

Nanako Yamamoto was born in Japan where she trained at the Geijutsuza Ballet Studio Jardin des Arts. In 2005, she […]


Madison Elizabeth Egyud

Madison Elizabeth Egyud was raised in Newtown, Pennsylvania and began her formal ballet training at the Princeton Ballet School at the […]

Leandro Olcese

Leandro Olcese was born in Brazil and raised in Italy. In 2013, he began his training at Spazio Danza Cicagna […]

Clara Pevel

Clara Pevel was born and raised in France, where she began her training. In 2018, she was selected to join […]

Michelle Quiner

Michelle Quiner is thrilled to be promoted this season with American Repertory Ballet. She danced as an ARB2 member last […]


Tiziano Cerrato

Tiziano Cerrato was born and raised in Rome, Italy, where he began his early training at the age of nine. […]

Seth Koffler

Seth Koffler hails from Yonkers, NY, where he began his training at the age of six in the Riverdale YMHA […]