Pre-Professional Division

Level 6

General Information

Students must be at least 13 years old by October 1

Girls uniform color: Navy (weekday), Black (weekend), White (special occasions)

Girls ballet slippers and tights: Pink or skin tone (optional)

Boys uniform color: White shirt, black tights 

Boys ballet slippers and tights: Black

Weekly Commitment: 5 classes per week + Character on Mondays + Contemporary on Thursdays (optional)

Level 6 Pre-Professional – The level of difficulty throughout the class greatly increases. The students are expected to present and maintain a higher degree of commitment and focus as a dancer. Dancers are allowed one to three years in this level to achieve these goals, depending on their individual ability, attendance, and work. Through Princeton Ballet Workshop (PBW), Level 6 Pre-Professional has the opportunity to perform with our professional company, American Repertory Ballet.

This level requires a placement class. Please contact [email protected] for placement in this level prior to registering.


Pay in Full:
$4400 + $80 registration fee due at registration

Payment Plan:
$944 + $80 registration fee due at registration ($944 due 10/1/23, 11/1/23, 2/1/24, 3/1/24)


All uniforms for Princeton Ballet School students can be ordered from Giselle of Princeton. Additional items such as jackets and cover-ups can be purchased as well. For complete details, hours of operation and more, please email Victoria at [email protected], or leave a message for her by phone:
609-240-4463 (cell).

Uniforms will be shipped to you 3-4 weeks after the order is placed.


Class Schedule

Level 6 pre-professional schedule (5 classes per week):

Level 6

Elective Classes

Level 5-6

Performance Opportunities