Egan Jimenez

Egan is a Visual Design Specialist at Princeton University where he works on different design projects involving photography, graphic design, and video production.

Eduardo Patino

Eduardo Patino is a professional photographer in New York City, serving an international clientele spanning the worlds of the Performing Arts to the Corporate arena.

With a unique background as a high school and college football quarterback, turned theater director and professional dancer, Eduardo brings to his work a passion for Art and an extraordinary understanding of the human figure.

His understanding of the athleticism and artistic sensibilities come from his former career as a dancer. A career-ending injury redirected him to his earliest “mother driven” pursuit – Photography.

Eduardo’s clients depend on him for forward-thinking, style-driven advertising, promotion and publicity shots, posters and magazine covers.

His photography communicates a strong sense of timing, movement, shape and line. His knowledge for how the body moves allows him to capture the exact peak of a movement or a moment, whether in full body or dynamic portrait.

Both in the studio and on location Eduardo’s superbly efficient technical skills and control of light, combined with his easygoing, direct nature, makes the subject of his lens, comfortable and trusting. Qualities that provided exceptional results, for a vast Clientele.

Specialties: Conception, Exploration, Production, Casting, Efficient Execution and Creation; to name a few, relating to the business of Photography.

Rosalie O’Connor

Rosalie O’Connor was born in Vienna, Austria and raised in New Orleans. She moved to New York City at the age of 15, to attend The School of American Ballet. At 17, she became a professional dancer with American Ballet Theatre, where she remained for fifteen years until her retirement in 2002. Rosalie began photographing the company from within. For her last six years she juggled both passions and taught herself on the job. In addition to most dance periodicals, her photographs have also appeared in Vogue, Vanity Fair and The New York Times. Rosalie’s images have been displayed in solo exhibitions at Lincoln Center in New York and The John F. Kennedy Center for The Performing Arts, in Washington, DC.  She resides in New York City yet she travels extensively for assignments as a freelance photographer.

Harald Schrader

Harald Schrader, a formally trained photographer and long-time Princeton resident, studied in Berlin and Hannover in Germany. He began his career photographing still life and architecture. He honed his craft in portrait photography, acting as first assistant to Mary Ellen Mark in New York City and Dieter Eikelpoth in Düsseldorf and London. He has been especially fascinated by the challenge of depicting the human form in movement, resulting in his passion for photographing the performing arts, dance in particular. Harald also thrives on discovering new cultures and languages. He has collaborated with performing and visual artists in Italy, Germany, the U.S.A. and Canada.  

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