Performances & Events

New Heights

Music | G.F. Handel
Choreography | Paul Taylor
An encore performance of Paul Taylor’s masterpiece, Airs. One of the most accomplished artists this nation ever produced, Paul Taylor helped shape and define America’s homegrown art of modern dance from the earliest days of his career as a choreographer in 1954 until his death in 2018.

Music | Ludwig van Beethoven
Choreography | Ethan Stiefel
According to dancer writer Wendy Perron, “You wouldn’t think Beethoven could be funny, but Ethan Stiefel made so.” Another fan raved, “Overture is a pleasure to watch…and to hear.” One of the world’s most acclaimed dancers,Ethan Stiefel is a former Principal Dancer with American Ballet Theatre, New York City Ballet, and former Artistic Director of the Royal New Zealand Ballet.

Beyond the Normal
Music | Massimo Margaria
Choreography | Riccardo De Nigris
A world premiere created especially for ARB’s opening performance at the New Brunswick Performing Arts Center. 

Fluctuating Hemlines
Music | Robert (Tigger) Benford
Choreography | Septime Webre
Set to a percussion score, Septime Webre’s Fluctuating Hemlines is a piece that examines social constraints inspired by Camille Paglia’s book of the same title. Prior to his current position as Artistic Director of Hong Kong Ballet, Septime Webre was Artistic Director of the Washington Ballet (1999-2016) and American Repertory Ballet (1993-1999).