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A Midsummer Night’s Dream

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Location: Anaheim Ballet |
Location: Axelrod Performing Arts Center |

American Repertory Ballet proudly presents A Midsummer Night’s Dream,

a new one-act ballet conceived and choreographed by Artistic Director Ethan Stiefel. Set to Felix Mendelssohn’s iconic score, with additional music arranged by Erich Wolfgang Korngold, this enchanting production will transport audiences to a fantastical forest filled with fairies, mischief and romance, joy and love. Stiefel’s visionary interpretation of this beloved comic masterpiece, featuring sets and costumes by an award-winning design team, is certain to cast its spell on audiences of all ages.

The Story of A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Act I

The scene opens with the annual Christmas Eve Tree Lighting party at the home of the Silverhaus’. Clara and Fritz anxiously wait outside the parlor for the lighting of the tree, when to Clara’s horror and Fritz’s delight, the maid enters the hall, chasing a mouse from out of the pantry.

Father calls the children in, and the tree is lighted. As the guests arrive, we are introduced to the Elegant Family, the Widow, her daughter, the Dapper Gent and the Big Family with their nine children. After a festive dance performed by the children, the mysterious Uncle Drosselmeyer and his Nephew arrive. Drosselmeyer demonstrates wonderful mechanical dolls, and then presents his favorite niece Clara with a beautifully carved Nutcracker. As all of the children watch Drosselmeyer’s demonstration of the Nutcracker, Fritz becomes jealous and grabs the gift from Clara. In his flight, he drops and breaks it.

Drosselmeyer bandages it and re-presents it to Clara. The party winds down, the guests depart and the Silverhaus family goes to bed.

Unable to sleep, Clara sneaks downstairs to visit her Nutcracker. As she dances in the parlor with the Nutcracker, the shadows and the movement of little mice disturb her delight. Drosselmeyer reappears and casts her into a dream world -transforming the parlor into a battleground between an army of soldiers and rats.


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