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Princeton Ballet School’s Spring Performance

This end-of-year production celebrates our students’ hard work, progress, and love of dance.

Join us for excerpts from Don Quixote, filled with romance, comedy, a colorful cast of characters and dynamic dancing and Cinderella, a beautiful classic, first performed by Princeton Ballet School in 1955.

Princeton Ballet School’s Spring Performance

Location: Patriots Theater at the War Memorial | Trenton, NJ

Don Quixote  is a 19th century classical ballet, originally choreographed by the prolific Marius Petipa to a score by Léon Minkus.  It is based off the story of Miguel Cervante’s classic novel.  In the ballet, an elderly noble, Don Quixote, feels called to venture out into the world and perform knightly deeds.  He appoints his young servant, Sancho Panza, as his squire. He sets forth into the world to seek adventure in the service of his ideal lady, the beautiful Dulcinea, whom he has seen in a vision.  Along their journey, Don Quixote and Sancho Panza stumble into a lively market square in Barcelona, where they meet Kitri, Basilio, Mercedes, and Espada.  

Cinderella is is perhaps the most universally loved of all fairy tales. First performed by Princeton Ballet School in 1955, follow Cinderella as she falls in love with the prince, overcomes the influences of her wicked stepfamily, and makes her own dreams come true.